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The Sapphire Tower

755 West A Street San Diego, CA

Print Pricing

Gallery Prints

     10x15 Prints Matted and Framed to 16x20 $75-$125

     16x24 Prints Matted and Framed to 23x31 $375

     Afterglow Printed on Metal 23x32 $400

Unframed Matted Prints on Fujicolor Photographic Paper with 8 ply white matt

     12x18 Print $150

     16x24 Print $225

     20x30 Print $325

     24x36 Print $450

Face-Mounted Prints on Acrylic, Giclee Canvas Prints, Prints on Metal and Wood, and prints on other mediums

      Please inquire about prices on custom projects.

Note that sizes are approximate as some images may have slightly different dimensions.

Also, not all images on the website are available in all sizes. Custom matting and framing are also available.

Please use the contact page to inquire about purchasing a Fine Art Print.

Print Mediums and Processes

I create my fine art prints using a variety of techniques. Matted and framed prints are produced using the Chromira Digital LED photographic printer. Only Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic papers are used, which are currently known for the highest longevity of all photographic papers.

Acrylic face-mounted photos are also printed using the same print processing and papers. However rather than framing, the print is attached to 1/4" plexiglas using a special, optically clear, adhesive which creates an airtight bond. This adds depth to the photo as well as reduces the diffusion of light, creating a brilliance and intensity that is not possible with conventional photo mounting methods.

I also create Giclee canvas prints. Giclee is a term that refers to the way ink is applied to paper by a special large-format, utlra-high resolution ink jet printer. Giclee canvas prints are known for their truly stunning accuracy and long-term durability.

Additionally, I produce unique works of art by printing my images on metal, wood and other special materials using an ultra-high resolution UV Flatbed printer. This printer uses acrylic inks which are exposed to high intensity UV light to cure the print creating a work of art that will last a lifetime.

Fine Art Photographic Prints

Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered. Each print in the edition is produced as needed, using the same process. Prints of the same image on the same medium, in varying sizes, will all be considered part of the Edition. Artwork created on different mediums (e.g., photographic paper versus metal) will be editioned separately. The number of signed and numbered Limited Edition fine art prints produced will never exceed the Edition number. Each fine art print is produced on archival media with archival inks meant to last decades. The purchaser of these prints will be only one of a few individuals displaying that unique piece of art. Please note that unsigned likenesses of the Limited Edition prints may be used for pormotional purposes, as posters, or for other purposes that are not fine art.

I also select some images to be Open Edition fine art prints. These prints will also bear my signature. They may be printed an unlimited number of times; however, they are still not mass-produced.

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