About Me - Lorna Mildice

I am a Southern California based photographer who specializes in outdoor photography - nature, landscape, adventure, and off-road photography.  My husband and I travel on foot, by mountain bike, and by jeep to explore extraordinary and often remote locations. Our dog Zoe, accompanies us when the terrain allows. I've been taking photographs for over 30 years.  With magazine credits and as the winner of a number of awards, I'm known for my captures of nature's artwork and my off-road photography.  My nature collections include unique views of flora, scenes that contain dramatic light reflecting off water and on canyon walls, and landscapes with a minimalist perspective.  My off-road collections include Ultra4 Racing as well as a number of jeep expeditions including several JK Experiences.  

My photographic vision is to not only share distinctive images of places and objects that few people get the opportunity to experience, but also to inspire you to get out and discover the amazing world that is all around us.

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